5 Reasons to Eat Virginia Peanuts

1. Size

If super extra large jumbo peanuts sounds like a funny term to you, wait until you get your hands on them. Virginia peanut growers have high standards! Typically only the largest 2-3% of the crop meets the criteria each year. 

2. Crunch

Virginia peanuts are typically (ours are!) roasted in small batches by hand until the perfect crunchy texture is achieved. 

3. Consistency

Too much salt, oil, and roasting ruins the natural consistency of a peanut. Virginia peanut roasters take care and pride in this process by roasting in small batches, using pure peanut oil and just enough salt to achieve a perfect balance.

4. Flavor

Once you've tried Virginia peanuts, it's hard to eat anything else. They're so fresh and delicious! While the flavor is hard to describe (imagine the fine wine of peanuts!), we've been in business for over 30 years, and peanuts have always been the driving force. 

5. Gourmet

Virginia peanuts are considered "gourmet" because of the above reason. The super extra large peanut variety, combined with the crunchy texture, consistency and great flavor makes Virginia peanuts a gourmet snack for any occasion!